International Admissions Visits

IU on the road

Members of the international admissions team visit many schools and take part in university fairs across the world. These programs offer you an opportunity to meet with admissions representatives and learn more about applying to and living at Indiana University. We hope to see you there!

Meet our IU international admissions representatives during their 2016–17 travel. To schedule an appointment for one of the locations below, please email We will update the schedule as trip details are finalized.

South Asia

Admissions representative: Jacob Wooden

Mumbai, India
August 20-21

Pune, India
August 22

Chennai, India
August 23-24

Ooty, India
August 25

Coimbatore, India
August 26

Bangalore, India
August 28

Delhi, India
August 29

Kathmandu, Nepal
August 31-September 1

East Asia

Admissions representative: Seth Walker

Hong Kong, China
September 7-8

Kaohsiung, Taiwan
September 11

Hsinchu, Taiwan
September 12

Taipei, Taiwan
September 13-14

Tokyo, Japan
September 15

Kyoto, Japan
September 16

Jeju Island, South Korea
September 18

Busan, South Korea
September 19

Daegu, South Korea
September 20

Seoul, South Korea
September 21-22, 25

Admissions representativeJohn Wilkerson

Hong Kong, China
October 4

Hong Kong, China
October 6

Admissions representativeSeth Walker

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
October 12-14

Chongqing, China
October 16

Chengdu, China
October 17-18

Kunming, China
October 19

Beijing, China
October 20-23

Qingdao, China
October 24-25

Shanghai, China
October 26-27

Latin America

Admissions representativeJacob Wooden

São Paulo, Brazil
September 11

Buenos Aires, Argentina
September 12

Santiago, Chile
September 13

Guayaquil, Ecuador
September 14

Quito, Ecuador
September 15

Bogota, Colombia
September 18

Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago
September 19

Panama City, Panama
September 20

San José, Costa Rica
September 21

San Pedro Sula, Honduras
September 22

Tegucigalpa, Honduras
September 25

San Salvador, El Salvador
September 26

Managua, Nicaragua
September 27

Admissions representativeReed Hepburn

Torreon, Mexico
October 6

Tampico, Mexico
October 7

Puerto Vallarta, Mexcio
October 9

Guadalajara, Mexico
October 10

Monterrey, Mexico
October 11

Queretaro, Mexico
October 12

Mexico City, Mexcio
October 13-16

Panama City, Panama
October 17

Southeast Asia

Admissions representative: Maria Santa

Yangon, Myanmar
September 20

Bangkok, Thailand
September 21-23

Phuket, Thailand
September 25

Bangkok, Thailand
September 26-27

Hanoi, Vietnam
September 28

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
September 29-30

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
October 2-3

Jakarta, Indonesia
October 4

October 5

Admissions representative: Daniel Whitmer

Patumwan Demonstration School, Srinakharinwirot University, Mahidol Witthayanusorn School, Mahidol University International Demonstration School
November 8

American School of Bangkok, Thai-Chinese International School, Concordian International School, Berkeley International School
November 9

Satit Kaset IP (Kasetsart University Laboratory School)
November 10

OCSC International Education Expo 2017 Royal Paragon Hall, 5th Floor, Siam Paragon
November 11-12

The Prince Royal’s College, Monfort College, University Fair at U Nimmarn Hotel
November 14


Admissions representative: Kelsey Maas

London, England
September 26-30

Admissions representativeJacob Wooden

Paris, France
October 2

Brussels, Belgium
October 3

Geneva, Switzerland
October 4

Zurich, Switzerland
October 5

Zuoz, Switzerland
October 6

Berlin, Germany
October 7-8

Admissions representativeSeth Walker

Prague, Czech Republic
November 6

Madrid, Spain
November 7

Barcelona, Spain
November 8

Rome, Italy
November 9

Frankfurt, Germany
November 13

The Hague, Netherlands
November 14

Edinburgh, Scotland
November 15